IMDB’s top 250 films #246

Our second viewing, Rio Bravo (1959) was expected to be great however we couldn’t finish it. After a painful hour and a half of watching a childhood hero walk around the bar with shotgun in hand we decided to veto the show halfway through.

The premise starts off with quite a questionable murder inside a bar, it was so nonchalant that it seemed like a normal day for everyone else. John Wayne staggers in to lay down the law with his wacky team of misfit law enforcers. I say wacky, one we couldn’t understand and the other struggling to come to terms with his past drinking problem.

The captive they’ve imprisoned is none other than the brother of the local rich guy, and he’s pissed. Angie Dickinson protreys a woman so inventively named feathers arrives with the local stage coaches and is forced to stay in the town, managing to get a job in the saloon with non other than Pedro Gonzales Gonzales, so great they named him twice. Feathers is awful at being subtle and Chance is just as useless at picking up her signals, which makes this film quite unbearable to witness.

I watched a lot of John Wayne films growing up with my mother although this is likely one I wont return to. Reading past reviews, I’m sure this movie has a great chance to be great however I feel it’s much too long, and since we’re starting to get used to quick cuts and high adrenalin action this just didn’t do it for me this time.  Also I was a little disappointed that Dean Martin wasn’t singing for once.

We’re going to rate this film a 2 out of 5 for sustainable attention.


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