This past weekend I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside the Verbal Arts Centre

again in Derry /  Londonderry to provide another Alternative Reality Game for the #killerbooks literature festival. This time Alan Hook had provided a brief outline of how the game would work and the dynamic of participation along with administration of the ARG from behind the scenes. Compared to Finding Janet which was the past ARG, this one ran a lot smoothly and was simple for the participants to understand and follow for the whole weekend.

The game played as a standard, hide and seek game would. You find the target, capture them with a photograph or video and upload your evidence to the designated gallery using the hashtag #bookburgars. It became very effective and within the weekend we had quite a few photographs coming in.

Here’s how it was all tracked and categorized during the entire weekend. google-drive-preview

Here are some of the facebook promotional content which I ran each hour before the events started to allow participants to see what was happening during the weekend, and also gain hype for the book burglars entrances.


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