Adventureland Weekend // Limavady Borough

This weekend I was asked to shoot and produce a video showcasing the events and activities going around the Limavady Borough during Adventureland Weekend. I grabbed the opportunity and set off on a weekend of travel, excitement and sleep deprivation to get the following video!


Thanks to all the facilitators to allowed me to film on the day and were extremely cooperative during the times I was there, we all had a lot of fun and it clearly shows in the video. A great thanks to Noel McDonald and Emma Brolly for creating such a great song for the video in such a short amount of time also.

Activities seen in the video are from:

Long Line Surf School

BloKart World

Foyle Hovercrafting and Leisure

Carrowmena Activity Centre

You can find more events and local attractions by visiting the Limavady websites

Roe Valley Arts


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