What is Art?

This week I’ve been working patiently on a video in my spare time, it’s all animated, apart from the background footage which was collected upon a hill in Portstewart. I was asked to create a video discussing and asking the question “what is art?”.

With my background of foundation and Interactive Media, I’ve gained quite a decent knowldge of collective artwork and inspirational artists over the years. So I decided to make a small parody of various artworks, such as Da Vinci, Dalí, Munch, Shakespear, Warhol and Michelangelo.


I wanted to incoporate famous artwork and animate them into their own unique style, such as Dalí and his flying face, and Warhol’s Monroe puking out soup cans like a Chinese sweat shop. These are collective meanings behind the works and, in my opinion, a quirky little nudge into the artistic world I’ve come to research over the years.

Here’s the video.


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