#Limavady Promotional videos

I’m pleased to announce, probably my biggest project and smallest timescale possible to achieve, 10 promotional videos for #Limavady within 2 months during the summer. It was a very, very busy schedule and a lot of charging batteries, not just on the camera.

Here they all are in no particular order:

Limavady in 3 words consisted of a long day running around the streets of the town while it rained asking citizens to describe how they felt best described #Limavady in just three words, some found it easy, some difficult but it was always positive aside from the casual moan about the rainy weather.

Limavady Arts Centre takes us through the local history featured along the halls of the building, what it has to offer and what can be discovered around the area. If you ever need any information about the town or wanting to book an event in the building, why not stop by and talk to the people involved in running the building.

Limavady Stendhal Festival of Art takes us through a showreel of everything that Stendhal has to offer from music, to art, to showcasing your best juggling skills and chilling by your favourite tent listening to local artists perform their own musical talents on stage.

Limavady Outdoor Activities showcases the best in what’s to offer around the area for outdoor excitement and adventure, featuring Carrowmena Activity centre, Long Line Surf School, Benone Tourist Complex and FoyleHov centre. If you want a day out for a party or adventure, these guys are the best of the best!

Limavady Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty describes what’s available around the borough, what wildlife we have to conserve and the amazing treks that are available just at our doorstep, it’s up to you to get out there and explore it!

The Country Food Market showcases a wide range of available small businesses and local attractions to purchase the best foods around.

Limavady Sports and Leisure showcases the sports and activities within the town, available from cheap prices to get you outside and exercising those spare tires around that waist!

The Cafe trail is what makes the town unique, not only do we serve excellent coffee, but each business offers their own showcase of excellent foods and local banter between customers, there’s never an empty belly in the town with the choice we have!

Ever been around the area and seen these amazing sculptures dedicated to reveal the local history? Maurice Harron explains each sculpture and the myths and legends that are behind each piece, but it’s up to you to find where they are, can you find all of them?

Limavady is surrounded by great history, origins of Danny Boy and the great Workhouse from the past, we have some spooky stories to tell and great insight from our locals about a few of the stories we have.

I would like to point out, that if you are not seen in the videos and you are from Limavady or the area, I do apologize that I wasn’t able to visit you. It is likely that you were emailed, messaged, called or talked to and there was no response or no interest due to not wanting to be recorded for interview, or maybe I just forgot (I’m not perfect). Two months were allocated to the project and for 10 videos, it’s very, very time constraining. In an ideal world I would have wanted a month per video to showcase everything year long and that was the original idea, however with funding issues I was only left with two solid months of hard work to get them all finished.


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